Hemlock & Cedar Films funded to run Screen Workshop Series

Hemlock & Cedar Films presents the Screen Workshop Series funded by City of Sydney. Six workshops will be held over the coming months on filmmaking and working in the genre space, particularly around women in film. Developed by Megan Riakos and presented by several filmmakers behind her horror anthology Dark Whispers – Volume 1, the program aims to encourage a diverse array of storytellers to join the world of dark genre filmmaking and to provide affordable opportunities for filmmakers to up-skill. Tiered ticket pricing willl be available with discounts for WIFT, Australian Screen Guild, Film Fatales & Screen Vixens members and a limited number of free spots for those who are unable to afford. Workshops include:

Feminist Horror Workshop with Katrina Irawati Graham (online) – 29 May 2021
Presented by Katrina Irawati Graham (writer/director of the Dark Whispers segment ‘White Song’),this workshop will dive headfirst into a genre typically considered both low-brow and androcentric. Delivering a much-needed feminist perspective, this workshop will re-frame the horror genre and invite participants to embrace tropes, investigate form, and subvert the dominant male gaze. All genders, filmmakers and film lovers welcome.

Pathways & Pitfalls of Indie Filmmaking led by Megan Riakos with guest speaker Enzo Tedeschi- 17 July 2021
Using her independent feature films Dark Whispers & Crushed as case studies, Megan will cover the pathways and pitfalls of indie filmmaking, including development, crowdfunding, production, marketing, festivals and distribution.

The Director’s Process with Megan Riakos –  21 August 2021
Under the guidance of feature film director Megan Riakos, participants will learn how prepare to direct a narrative film, including communicating your vision, collaborating with your crew, directing actors and what to expect in each stage of the filmmaking process through the lens of making Genre films. Megan will examine traditional genre tropes and how to achieve them on a budget. Megan will use her films Dark Whispers, Crushed and No Pain No Gain as case studies.

Developing Bold & Original Dark Genre Films with Briony Kidd (online) – 23 October 2021 – Buy Tickets Here
Whether you’re writing short films for the festival circuit or beginning to delve into longer form projects, it’s hard to develop strong genre projects without a clear understanding of your intention in terms of platform, audience, market and, most importantly of all, what you want to communicate. How can dark genre be a vehicle for personal or political expression? How can you make sure you’re offering something new and exciting within this highly competitive field? What influences and inspires you to create your best work? Presented by Hemlock & Cedar Films and led by screenwriting teacher, script consultant and festival director Briony Kidd, this workshop is designed to help participants sharpen and intensify their unique artistic vision.

Workshopping Bold & Original Dark Genre Films with Briony Kidd (online) – 6 November 2021 – Buy Tickets Here
Following on from Developing Bold & Original Dark Genre Films, this longer session is all about the participants. It’s an opportunity to get into the nitty-gritty of your particular project, or to delve more deeply into a few of your ideas or concerns as you develop a slate of dark genre projects. Allow Briony and the group to assist you and accelerate your progress on a new idea, or an older idea that will benefit from some new energy.

Screen Craft for Actors led by Megan Riakos with special guest Stephanie Pringle – 30 October 2021 – Buy Tickets Here
Working on a filmset for the first time can be a daunting experience for an emerging actor. This workshop will lay out what to expect by going through the actor’s journey from audition right through to premiere. This includes first day onset, an explanation of the various crew roles and how they collaborate with the actors, requirements for Additional Dialogue Recording (ADR) in post-production and much more. Megan will use examples from her feature Dark Whispers as a Producer & Director to help explain these processes.

For more information on upcoming workshops, check out Workshops & Consulting.

Note: Workshop content and dates are subject to change