A young woman returns home to her family vineyard after her father dies in an accident on the winery. But when his death is ruled a murder and her mother becomes the prime suspect she must uncover the truth.

Crushed was filmed on location over the summer of 2013/2014 in the beautiful Australian wine region of Mudgee, New South Wales.

Starring: Sarah Bishop, Les Hill, Roxane Wilson, Millie Spencer-Brown and Remy Brand
Writer & Director: Megan Riakos
Producers: Megan Riakos, Sarah Bishop & Robbie Miles
Cinematographer: Michael Steel
Production Designer: Cate Rann
Editor: Anil Griffin
Composer: Aaron Kenny
Sound Supervisor: Damian Del Borrello

Additional Information:

Feature Film
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Running Time: 111 mins
Year: 2015
Production Company: Crushed Film Pty Ltd

“A Solid Debut”

The Hollywood Reporter

“Crushed, a new independent Australian feature that is one of the most wine-centric movies ever made – as well as being a tense, bloody mystery thriller.”

The Australian

“If you are a lover of good crime thrillers then Crushed is a must watch. With a beautifully written screenplay that keeps the audience guessing…Crushed is a film you must hunt down on VOD.”

Heavy Music Magazine​

“complete with beautiful cinematography and some exceptional performances from her cast. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a mystery flick contain so much underneath its hood (deception, ulterior motives, and decent kills), all the time keeping it’s eye on the prize, which is a gratifying conclusion”

Dread Central

“The rural setting is one of the film’s best assets, contributing to the atmosphere of alienation and helplessness which benefited some of the more higher-paced drama.”


“This is an absolutely brilliant little crime thriller”

Subculture Entertainment

“4.5 stars…Crushed is stylish and well-done, with a human cast, excellent score and subtle attention to theme. It’s a good thriller that features an unlikely setting: a vineyard…I highly suggest you rent this film. It’s good.”

That’s Not Current

“For those seeking an engaging thriller with a unique backdrop full of local color and a surprising climax, to boot, Crushed is well worth seeking out.”

Gruesome Magazine

Winner – Best Australian Director – Fantastic Planet Film Festival
Winner – Best Thriller Feature – Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival
Winner – Best Actress – Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival,
Nomination – Golden Zenith for debut feature – Montreal World Film Festival
Nomination – Best Film – Melbourne Underground Film Festival
Nomination – Best Actress – Melbourne Underground Film Festival
Nomination – Best Cinematography – Melbourne Underground Film Festival
Nomination – Best Screenplay – Melbourne Underground Film Festival
Nomination – Best Director – Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival
Nomination – Best Screenply – Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival
Nomination – Best Australian Feature – Fantastic Planet Film Festival