We cross paths with many, but rarely do we make contact. A little boy’s curiosity of the world proves that apathy’s an adults’ disease. Sally is oblivious to a man in desperate need of help. When she finally realises the seriousness of his situation, is she still able to help or is it too late?

Starring: Luke Ikimus-Healey, Catherine Terracini and Edmund Joy
Writer & Director: Megan Riakos
Producer: Annmaree J Bell
Co-Producer: John Frank
Cinematographer: Callan Green
Production Designer: Marlene Ruaine
Editor: Natalia Amoore
Composer: Claire Deak
Sound Design: Angus O’Sullivan

Additional Information:

Short Film
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 7 mins
Year: 2011
Production Company: Azure Productions
  • Very Short Film Festival, Los Angeles 2008
  • Boo Hoo Film Festival 2 Newtown 2008
  • Newtown Flicks 2008
  • International Festival of Cinema & Technology 2008
  • Chicago short film festival 2008
  • Byron Bay Film Festival 2007
  • Festival Du Cinema Du Paris 2007
  • Snowy Film Fest, Thredbo, 2007

Winner – Best experimental short film, Very Short Film Festival, Los Angeles 2008